MetaClash Team


Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

None brings the MetaClash world to life. His top-notch designs are a vital contribution to taking the visual identity of a project to the next level. His innovative skills and experience laid the foundation of MetaClash. None have done concept arts for Superfarm, Cryptomeda, Bondly, and many more.


Chen Jian Hong

Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

Chen is a crypto investor, seasoned competitive gamer, and sound engineer. His work has the hallmark of those who have a passion for video games and their community of players. He delivers the best possible user experience to each of MetaClash's projects while considering the mindset of crypto investors.


Valentino Lin

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Valentino is an expert crypto investor with a deep business marketing and financial background. His successful financial experiences give him the necessary knowledge to lead a project to success. He is a currently partner at Interchain Ventures.


Andres Santa Maria

Co-Founder & Chief Visionary Officer

Andres creates the world and its characters that are the foundation of the exhilarating MetaClash Lore. His experience in the crypto world gives him an understanding of the right strategies to make art and creativity an asset for a project. He has published two books and worked for renowned international media such as VICE and TRT.


Dexter Ng

Chief Technology Officer

More than a decade of experience in crypto and cybersecurity has provided Dexter with the tools to protect the assets of a project and its community's investment. He is also the co-founder of the cybersecurity firm Privacy Ninja and has worked with many high-profile clients since its inception.


Jeremy Choo

Chief Gaming Officer

Since childhood, Jeremy’s love for video games has been ingrained within him. He is a self-taught 3D game developer, expert on Games Modding and Unreal Engine. Jeremy has built many successful games like 3rd player shooter “Eximius,” available on Steam. He founded the Indie game studio Ammobox.


Dr. Mortgomery

Chief Partnership Officer

Dr. Mortgomery first discovered blockchain technology in 2016 and participated actively on social platforms, developing a broad understanding of marketing and its crucial role in the crypto world. He studied users' strategies for building a solid community, focusing on its intrinsic growth as the main driver to ensure the success of a project.



Partnership and Alliances Manager

Pete is a well-known personality in the crypto world with extensive experience in community management. His work has been instrumental in the rapid growth of communities in projects such as Bondly, among others.



Social Media Manager

Understanding the importance of social media and content management its the key to build a strong relationship between a project and its community. Camille has experience developing several successful plans and strategies in different companies, with a solid background in online marketing.