Forging the Narrative: Unveiling the Origins of the MetaClash World

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August 3, 2023

MetaClash World: Introducing The Lore

Storytelling is woven into the fabric of our existence, as vital as air. It is the lifeblood of our humanity and an age-old tradition that transcends time and culture. It serves as a mirror, allowing us to reflect upon ourselves, learn from our past, and shape our identities. Through stories, we share our experiences and gain insight into others. As humans, we are hardwired to narrate and revel in our own tales.

At MetaClash, we are convinced that storytelling elevates the experience of video games to a whole new level of meaning and depth, inspiring us to craft an entire universe of interwoven narratives influenced by the world around us.

This article aims to delve into the richness and complexity of the lore that underpins our Digital Avatars of Destruction. Prepare to embark on a journey filled with stories waiting to be uncovered.

The Age of D.A.D.s

MetaClash is steeped in a dystopian world. Rampant pollution and nuclear warfare left the planet’s resources dwindling to a trickle, instigating the downfall of established governments and propelling cities to the forefront as new epicenters of political organization. The earth has become a patchwork of shattered landscapes locked in a constant struggle for survival.

Amidst this unforgiving environment, three new ruling powers, known as The Factions rose from the ashes. They birthed a novel weapon, war vehicles known as the Digital Avatars of Destruction (D.A.D.). These mechanical titans now symbolize the ultimate power, and their master pilots, the bearers of unrivaled skill and command, have ascended as the leaders of this fractured world.

[Legendary D.A.D. - Centurion]

This new order is an intricate blend of post-apocalyptic ashes, cutting-edge technologies, and an unending battle for supremacy. Its history has been carved by a series of major events, each leaving an indelible mark on the landscape and setting the stage for ongoing conflicts and power struggles. These historical occurrences shaped the characteristics of the factions, the evolution of technology, and the overall progression of this relentless saga.

The Great War

The Great War was a monumental conflict that engulfed the world in chaos, emerged from a tangled web of political tensions and territorial ambitions. It began with disputes between global superpowers, escalating into a massive conflagration that consumed nations in its fiery grip.

As the war raged on, devastating battles rained destruction upon cities, leaving landscapes scarred and plunged in darkness and death. Intercontinental bombings shattered the skies, and the ground trembled with the thunder of relentless warfare.

[The Ruined City]

The conflict claimed countless lives, soldiers and civilians alike, while resource control and power struggles intensified the hostility. Nations were pushed to the brink of collapse, with the world holding its breath for a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness.

The Great War’s intensity and scale marked a turning point in history, reshaping the global order and unleashing new powers vying for dominance.

As the war’s chapter unfolded, the world bore witness to the consequences of unchecked ambition and violence. The scars would not soon fade, leaving an indelible mark on the collective memory and reminding humanity of the steep price of conflict in an era of weapons powerful enough to destroy the entire planet.

The Decimation

“The Decimation” unleashed a cataclysmic torrent of intercontinental bombings during the waning days of the Great War, reducing once-thriving cities to smoldering wastelands. Blazing infernos engulfed towering skyscrapers, and billowing clouds of smoke obscured the sun, casting an eerie darkness over the ravaged lands. The ground trembled under the weight of devastating explosions, ripping through the very fabric of civilization.

In the aftermath, haunting echoes reverberated through the desolate streets, once bustling with life and hope. The scorched remains of what were once homes and sanctuaries bore witness to the destruction wrought upon humanity. The world stood in shocked silence, grappling with the incomprehensible loss of countless lives, the impact of which left a scar on the collective consciousness.

“The Decimation” marked an unprecedented escalation of warfare, forever altering the course of history. The devastation was a dark testament to the depths of human conflict, a grim reminder of the horrors born when power succumbs to its most destructive impulses.

The Lowering of the Flags

The Lowering of the Flags” is a momentous historical event that shook the foundations of the old world order. In a synchronized act of surrender, the belligerent powers of the Great War relinquished their national identities, dismantling the archaic system of countries that once divided humanity. Flags that once fluttered with pride were lowered in a symbolic gesture, signifying the end of an era.

A profound hush fell over the war-torn cities as the sun dipped below the horizon. The air was heavy with the weight of history, and a collective breath was held as leaders made their way to the designated locations. In a display of humility and defeat, they lowered their nation’s flags, setting aside centuries of conflict and bloodshed.

This transformative act of simultaneous capitulation paved the way for the rise of three powerful factions: Telum, Invictus, and Machina. The world witnessed a shift of unparalleled proportions as once-mortal enemies became allies, forging new paths and allegiances in a landscape marred by destruction.

Technological Breakthroughs

A monumental shift in the technological paradigm came with the discovery and harnessing of the power core. Rooted in advanced principles of cold atom fusion and quantum mechanics, this innovation in energy technology allowed the manipulation and control of entangled particles, paving the way for a revolution in weaponry development and the birth of Digital Avatars of Destruction (D.A.D.s).

[Power Core]

The heart of this groundbreaking energy source lay in what was termed as “quantum crystals” — a unique kind of crystal that resonates with the quantum vacuum, enabling it to absorb zero-point energy. These rare and enigmatic crystals could either be naturally occurring substances or the brainchildren of advanced alchemical processes known only to an exclusive circle of scientists.

The power core itself was akin to a cube, housing an array of entangled particles. It was a compact yet potent energy source that could initiate quantum entanglement and harness zero-point energy.

Scientists have experimented with quantum entanglement on a micro-scale, typically involving pairs of entangled photons or atoms.

These experiments marked the beginning of a new frontier, with scientists achieving breakthroughs using cold atom fusions. The zero-point energy, represented by E_0 = (1/2) ħω, refers to a quantum system’s lowest possible energy state. In the realm of quantum mechanics, particles display inherent fluctuations even at absolute zero temperature, meaning they still possess a small amount of energy, the zero-point energy.

In a world marred by resource scarcity, this innovation led to the emergence of D.A.D.s as the primary warfare force. The continued refinement of D.A.D. technology, powered by the pioneering power core, has undeniably sculpted the landscape of conflict, redefining the rules of engagement in this new world.

Alva City

Rising from the ashes of the Great War, Alva City presents a stunning portrait of resilience and ambition. This technologically advanced metropolis is a beacon of neutrality amidst a landscape scarred by conflict. Bathed in the neon glow of its towering skyscrapers, the city teems with life, a testament to humanity’s indomitable spirit in the face of adversity.

[Alva City Map]

On Alva’s bustling streets, rival factions coexist, each navigating a fragile balance between conflict and conciliation. Beneath the veneer of peace lies a perpetual contest of power, symbolized by the fierce D.A.D. competitions that fill The Arena. In this cauldron of competitive strife, the future of these factions, and by extension, the world, is continually being shaped and reshaped.

At the heart of this new world order, Alva City thrums with the pulse of progress intertwined with the echoes of chaos. It is a living embodiment of the challenges and contradictions that define its time, a landscape marked equally by the scars of the past and the promise of the future.

Alva City, with its neon-lit grandeur and buzzing life, is not just a city; it’s a symbol. It encapsulates the essence of survival, resilience, and ambition needed to navigate an uncertain world, making it a cornerstone in the ever-evolving narrative of mankind’s destiny.

The Factions

The major events have shaped the history of our game world. They have laid the groundwork for the factions players will join as they dive into the dystopian landscape of MetaClash: Digital Avatars of Destruction.


In the annals of history, no corporation has etched its name upon the global psyche quite like Telum. Its legendary status transcends time, despite its controversial past as Paix Industries, an arms manufacturer during The Great War. Under the magnetic leadership of Franz Telum, the company underwent a metamorphic rebranding, positioning itself as a harbinger of peace and progress. With the advent of Digital Avatars of Destructions (D.A.D.s), Telum showcased the apex of technological prowess, promising to safeguard the nascent world order.

[Telum Headquarters]

Yet, Telum’s defining moment was the audacious “Lowering of the Flags,” a spectacle that upended traditional international diplomacy in favor of corporate supremacy. This pivotal event thrust Telum into the global spotlight, eliciting both admiration and enmity. Unyielding in its pursuit of power and influence, Telum’s indelible mark on the world remains a source of wonder and apprehension, its true intentions veiled in shadows.

As Telum’s legacy continues to shape the course of humanity, we find ourselves navigating a complex web of intrigue, wondering about the corporation’s ultimate designs. Franz Telum figure looms large, as his charisma and vision captivated the masses and also raised suspicions among the discerning few. In this ever-evolving landscape of power dynamics, Telum’s influence endures, leaving us to contemplate the true depths of its ambition and its lasting impact on the world’s fragile balance.


Standing as a beacon of resistance in a world dominated by corporate might, Invictus presents a unique narrative in this age. This revolutionary movement, born from the ashes of Telum’s purge against the rebellious, has grown to be a formidable challenger to Telum’s hegemony.

[Invictus Headquarters]

The tale of Invictus is inseparable from the story of its ruthless leader, Commander Pandora. Having survived the wrath of Telum, Pandora rallied a group called the “Ghost Scavengers.” Their mission? Scavenge parts from a decimated Telum D.A.D., leading to the creation of their own mechanized vehicles and, consequently, a formidable military force.

Invictus, however, is more than a physical adversary to Telum; it symbolizes the spirit of resistance against the oppressive corporate rule, using this identity to bring allies to their cause with the excuse of giving hope to those who feel sidelined in the new world order.

Despite their defiant stance, Invictus has attracted criticism for its increasingly ruthless tactics, such as forced recruitment to consolidate control over allied cities. The question remains: can Invictus sustain their resistance without mirroring the very tyranny they claim to oppose?

For better or worse, Invictus has carved its name in the annals of this new corporate-run world. It is a stark reminder that the human spirit of rebellion continues to endure even in the face of unyielding corporate power.


Among the giants vying for control of our modern world, Machina stands as a captivating enigma. Rising in the shadows of the Telum — Invictus conflict, Machina has established itself as a distinct force in the corporate-dominated landscape, offering an alternative vision for the future shaped by technology and discipline.

[Machina Headquarters]

The origin story of Machina is as mysterious as it is compelling. Guided by the “Horsemen of the Apocalypse,” four enigmatic preachers, Machina introduced a bold proposition: a society where technology stands as the ultimate solution to the world’s problems. With this rallying call, Machina quietly built support in the peripheral regions, constructing an imposing army of D.A.D.s to take on Telum and Invictus.

In a world scarred by Telum’s ruthless dominance and Invictus’ aggressive rebellion, Machina has emerged as a beacon of hope for those seeking an alternative. By condemning the brutality and corruption of their adversaries, they have won the backing of cities oppressed by Telum’s reign or terrorized by Invictus’ confrontational tactics.

However, Machina’s approach has its controversies. Their imposition of strict discipline on allied territories suggests an unyielding command that might veer towards authoritarianism. Yet, for those weary of the status quo, Machina represents a novel and promising path towards a different kind of future that embraces technology’s transformative power while demanding unwavering discipline and order.

A New Silent War

In the tumultuous landscape of our world, a silent war rages — a ceaseless contest for supremacy among the three formidable factions: Telum, Invictus, and Machina. This conflict is not characterized by the deafening roars of traditional warfare but by a more subtle, intricate dance for dominance, where cities and resources become the chess pieces in a grand strategy game.

These factions vie relentlessly for control, each seeking to bolster their influence and resources while disrupting potential alliances and rebellions among their adversaries. The battlefield is not confined to physical territories but extends into the hearts and minds of the people living within the sphere of these corporate giants.

Adding layers of complexity to this silent war are the cultural intricacies and rich histories unique to each faction. These narratives and ideologies shape their strategic maneuvering and provide players with a deep understanding of the world around them. The silent war isn’t just a battle for control; it’s a rich, immersive experience that offers a window into the complex dynamics of a world defined by corporate power and resistance.

In the game of power, the silent war continues, marking not just the clash of the factions but also the contest of ideologies and visions for the future. As the players navigate this intricate landscape, they are drawn into a nuanced exploration of power, resistance, and the potential future that lies ahead.

The Arena

Once a secluded training facility, The Arena has now become a monumental stage of spectacle and survival. The transformation started subtly, a hidden entertainment form for the city's elite. The fierce training sessions, showcasing both the prowess of the pilots and the power of the Digital Avatars of Destruction (DADs), quickly became an intoxicating spectacle. As the thrilling appeal of these battles broadened, the facility evolved into The Arena, a grand stage where the gladiatorial clashes gripped the entire city.

The Arena, an imposing testament to architectural grandeur and technological prowess, dominates the cityscape. Its colossal structure blends reinforced concrete and shimmering metallic alloys, reflecting a fusion of past and future. Intricate designs etched into the towering walls narrate stories of past battles, a silent testament to victories celebrated and losses mourned.

[The Arena]

Within its walls, The Arena houses a mutable battlefield, capable of replicating diverse environments. This shifting terrain pushes the DADs and their pilots to their limits, testing their adaptability in the face of harsh conditions. Overhead, the 'Guardian Pylons' project a force field, shielding the spectators from the chaos below.

In the midst of this pandemonium, the 'Eye of Alva' -a deliberate opening at the very apex of the coliseum bleachers- offers a breathtaking view of the city's elite quarters, juxtaposing the serenity of the city with the brutal combat below. In essence, The Arena is not merely a battleground but a symbol of Alva City's resilience and an embodiment of its relentless pursuit of power and entertainment in a world reshaped by survival and spectacle.

About MetaClash: Digital Avatars of Destruction

MetaClash: Digital Avatars of Destruction. is a free-to-play, play-and-earn Mass-Multiplayer Online vehicular combat game where players customize their combat vehicles, use their PFP avatars, battle in multiple game modes, and interact in the Play-and-Earn metaverse. Player-established factions can vote on propositions that dictate the development and progression of their establishments as they battle for dominance.

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